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Estate Planning

If you think of Estate Planning as preparation for your assets after your passing, you are partially correct. Estate Planning is more than that. It is a plan for the remainder of your life and beyond.

We recognize that an estate plan traditionally involves documents appropriately signed, witnessed, and notarized. Those documents are provided to you in a plush binder that you put on a shelf. This approach reminds me of a recent experience. I purchased a fire extinguisher for my kitchen and put it in an accessible place in case of a kitchen fire. After months of sitting in plain view, I looked at it again and realized I didn’t know how to use it. I read through the instructions, only to learn that doing so while attempting to put out a kitchen fire can be disastrous.

Our approach at Oak Tree Law Firm is different. First, we wish to establish a relationship with our clients and truly understand them and their stories. We attempt to know our clients by understanding what is important to them and knowing their stories to see why it is important to them. Only then, we feel, can we design an estate plan for our clients. We also understand the sensitivity of the topics we will discuss. Rest assured that you will be treated with kindness, compassion, and reverence for your stories.

We also realize that life is ever-changing. An Estate Plan that works perfectly for a client today may not reflect their wishes in a few years. We will be with you throughout your journey and assist you in updating your plan as your circumstances change.

Finally, we serve our clients with transparency throughout the process. It starts by charging clients flat fees so they would know what our services cost and would not be surprised to be charged for answering a quick question or copying documents.

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